Red Box

Red Box

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The Everything For a Family Box

With three small loaves, a pack of rolls, four teacakes and a generous selection of baked goods including our Yorkshire Parkin, wholesome pie and buns and biscuits, this box is packed with everything you might need.


The contents of the Red box are:

  • 1 x   Small Tin White Farmhouse Loaf                                
  • 1 x   Small Tin Brown Loaf  
  • 1 x   Small Tin Malted Wheat Loaf                     
  • 4 x   Fruited Teacakes                            
  • 4 x   White Teacakes                              
  • 1 x   Parkin Slab                                      
  • 1 x   Family Fruit Pie/Selection of Smaller Fruit Pies 
  • 4 x   Decorated Buns
  • 6 x   Individual Assorted Cakes & Biscuits       
  • 2 x   Scones
  • 1 x   Packing list



The whole box contains the following allergens: Sulphites, Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Soya.


Ingredients for this box can be found on our FAQ page here.

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