The Just Bread Box

The Just Bread Box

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The Just Bread Box

You definitely won’t run out of bread with this box! Tuck into sandwiches galore with 3 large loaves, and 24 teacakes. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it all at once, as everything in this box is suitable for freezing.

The contents of this box are:

  • 1  Sliced Sandwich White Loaf 800g              
  • 1  Sliced Sandwich Brown Loaf 800g            
  • 1  Sliced Sandwich Malted Wheat Loaf 800g          
  • 8  White Teacakes                                              
  • 8  Brown Teacakes                                                
  • 8  Fruited Teacakes 



The Whole box contains the following allergens:  Gluten, Soya, Sulphite, Egg and Dairy.


Ingredients for this box can be found on our FAQ page here.

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